Fuck It: Tells Rank The Religions

Buckle up , motherfuckers. We’re grading these bad boys.

1. Hinduism

Sitting moderately at number one is Hinduism. You bet your ass we’re saying that Hinduism is better than all other religions. That’s what being number 1 necessitates. Congratulations to Hinduism, the best belief in the whole damn world-wide. All right, let’s keep the ball reeling. These beliefs aren’t gonna rank themselves.

2. Baha’i Faith

Coming up only short of number one but still near the front of the pack is Baha’i. Nice work, Baha’i. Couldn’t fairly clinch the number-one spot, but second place is nothing to be ashamed of. Baha’i blew all the other religions out of the fucking liquid. Okay, who’s up next?

3. Judaism

Judaism is the third-best religion. Don’t concur? Don’t care. It’s our schedule, and we can do whatever the fucking we want. Judaism is number three. We’re grading these puppies like it’s NOBODY’S business. Wooo! Feels good as fucking. Moving on!

4. Islam

Islam comes in at multitude four, exactly BARELY missing the three best. Yowch! That’s gotta hurt. Sorry, Islam, that’s the name of the game, babe! But hey! This is a long inventory. All situations considered, four is a pretty solid position. Impede your chin up, Islam.

5. Mormonism

Didn’t see that coming, did you? We precisely rendered Mormonism the five-spot, and we haven’t even touched Christianity hitherto. Why? Because Mormonism is better. If Christianity were better, we would’ve graded it at count five. But we didn’t. We graded Mormonism at digit five. Mormonism is at numeral five on our higher-ranking of all the religions.

6. Buddhism

We decided to rank Buddhism at figure six. Not much to say about it. Just felt right. Fuck yeah, let’s retain this grade teach chuggin’ on down the line!

7. Christianity

Some kinfolks would be walking on eggshells here, but we’re just gonna come out and said here today: Christianity is the seventh-best religion. It’s not as good as Buddhism, but it’s better than the other ones. It’s a lot worse than Hinduism, which–to reiterate–is number one on this list, and therefore the best belief in the whole fucking macrocosm. But that’s a high standard to maintained it to. Christianity is numeral seven. It’s fine. It’s not great. It’s fine. It’s not the most difficult. It is fine. It’s number seven. It’s toward the back of the parcel, but it’s not the last one on this list. In judgment, Christianity is the seventh-best religion in the world.

8. Sikhism

Sikhism viewing it down at figure eight! Nice. Fuck, this is awesome. We should have ranked the beliefs a very long time ago. This is way overdue.

9. Shinto

And bringing up the rear is Shinto. Better luck next time, Shinto.

10. All the other ones

We don’t know what they’re called, but there are mode too fucking many of them to sort through, so we’re just gonna say they’re amount 10, and you’re gonna have to be content with that.

Well, that’s done now. Cool. We graded the beliefs. Awesome. Glad that’s done.

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