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My family recently bought a Mini Schnauzer puppy who is now 12 weeks old about 4-5 weeks ago. I have never owned a dog before, much less a puppy, but as I am the oldest sibling (18F), the responsibility and all behavior complaints fall to me. He’s a very friendly male, and he seems to have made me his favorite. He follows me around over anyone else, will run to me from every room, and cries if I’m nearby but he is unable to reach me,etc. No one else seems to get the same attention. This also means that he kind of falls over himself in excitement whenever he sees me or I come down to spend time with him. Unfortunately this excitement is accompanied by biting. Not mouthing even. It’s usually a lot of chasing me around, clamping down, and twisting his head in a manner that is painful at times, and annoying.

I understand that this kind of playing is fairly normal, but at times he gets overstimulated and aggressive seeming towards me, and has even tried to get at my face. I’ve tried redirecting his attention to his favorite toy to bite, taking him out to play in the backyard, putting him back in his playpen, and even giving him a light tap (not enough to hurt him) on his butt to let him know I don’t like it or at least redirect his attention to another part of my body so that I can move whatever part of me he is attacking. I constantly tell him no. I emphasize that it hurts by making “ow!” And “ouch” noises as I was directed by a training video I found on this Reddit on bite inhibition, but none of it phases him, it actually seems to make him more excited to bite. As soon as he gets bored or let out again he runs back to me and clamps down.

I’ve also been told I should socialize him with other dogs but with the situation in the US and my stressed family it’s unlikely. I have no idea how to handle this, and everyone seems to have conflicting opinions. My … traditional.. family says I should hit him hard so he understands but we’ve never done that. I argue that I don’t like that solution and I’m sure there’s a better way. He also isn’t super responsive to treats. I’m not sure if they’re hard for him to chew since he’s very small or if he just doesn’t like them, but we’ve bought him a few brands and he only seems to barely like one brand. So Reddit, can you offer some other suggestions on how to train my pup about bite inhibition? I don’t mind the biting or mouthing but I have no idea how to get him to calm down and be less aggressive!

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