Friendly dog that is sometimes aggressive?

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Hi I've been searching around trying to find something to help with my situation, and haven't found much… but anyways! I have a really friendly 1 yo westie (smaller 18 lb guy). He was socialized a lot as a puppy, loves to play with and greet other dogs. However recently I've had a couple incidents where he will be playing great then seemingly out of nowhere start snapping and trying to fight in a not so friendly way with the other dog. This has only happened a couple times with larger dogs, and I'm 99% sure its completely him b/c when I pull him away from the other dog they are fine as can be and leave the situation where mine is still barking and upset. A few times I've given my dog a breather and he seems to be fine enough to go back and play. Once though he got mad again after the fact and tried to be butt to the other dog…. so I just left with him. He's only done this with 2 dogs before, both he has met with and played with previously without incident. I'm so confused 🙁

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