36 thoughts on “French Bulldog | Dogs 101

  1. Laura McCarthy

    I miss my frenchie soo much!!! RIP my little Leon 💔 4.21.07- 2.16.16
    Literally the cutest dogs to walk the earth

  2. Slug Doom

    These dogs are inbred freaks atrocities made thanks to the selfishness of
    humans. They have all types of problems and We (humans) are the monsters
    who fucked them up!!! Smh

  3. Hannah Jo

    I love big dogs, I’ve got a St. Bernard myself. I usually hate little dogs
    with a burning passion. But these are so cute, I may give in.

  4. Le Hunt

    They can sometimes mate naturally, quite a lot of the time, actually. Our
    Springer had no problem impregnating Gabby. Formed a tie without problem.

  5. Tαιlѕтяιρєѕ

    Have you not mentioned they do teeth? I have a brindle color Frenchie and
    she just started teething.

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