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Hi guys!

I have a 13-week old mini golden doodle and he is a great pup so far. So far my fiance and I have encountered two issues that we have questions about.

The first one is regarding feeding. Our boy has no interest in eating at breakfast time so we tend to leave the food out so he eats a couple of bites later. We want him to continue to grow/eat so we don't find those few bites sufficient so we've left the food out. We know free-feeding isn't recommending but our pup won't eat at meal times. Should we just remove the food bowl if he doesn't eat during breakfast all the way until dinner? We've been putting leftover food in his Kong which he plays with at times.

Also, he was great his first week with potty accidents, probably averaging about <1/day. We've been taking him out every 40 minutes or so which has been working. Now today, he's had 4 accidents, yesterday 3 accidents and seems to be regressing. He pees at much shorter intervals with large quantity at moment's notice. He holds it for a few hours while he's in his crate and hasn't had an accident in there yet. We pick him up right away and bring him outside where he usually pees a little more and that's when we praise him. Any recommendations for discipline when we catch him in the house? Should we limit his water? We're getting frustrated! Thank you 🙂

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