Foster dog’s barking in crate getting worse and worse!

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My husband and I are fostering the SWEETEST dog from a shelter in Mexico. She is honestly the sweetest in almost all aspects – she is very obedient, gentle, sweet to all people and dogs that she meets, picking up cues very well, etc etc.
When we first got her, she would also be silent in her crate and was content going in there. Now, she has no problem going in there, in fact, when i lead her to it (it is in our spare bedroom) she runs into it! And for the first couple minutes, she settles in and is fine. AND THEN the barking starts. It's been over a week where she barks loudly and consistently, and it's only getting worse. Started with a couple minutes. Then 5 minutes. Then 10. Now up to half an hour. We have never once given in. We ignore her completely.
And the thing is, once she settles down and stops, she is settled for the duration of her time in there! Even when I wake up and she knows it's time for a walk, she just waits in there for me patiently. When I let her out, she just nicely stretches out, and sits by the door waiting to go outside.
So overall, wow, she's so great! BUT, the barking getting worse is a concern for me, especially because we're in an apartment building, and I'm really worried that this is upsetting our neighbours! A couple more pieces of info: she is 4, she is fully house broken, she is not super food/treat motivated, she's not super interested in toys. She is very active and we take her on 5 walks a day, plus consistent training sessions throughout the day, plus chew toys (that she often isn't interested in). She's been to the vet, and no issues/illnesses or discomfort has been found.

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