Forced Naps Every Hour for 13 Week Old Border Collie?

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Hi! So, the first month we had Cooper (female, 13 week old, border collie) I didn't force her to take naps or anything. She usually took just a couple throughout the day in the living room with me. I later found out she should be sleeping A LOT more (18-20 hours?) and have now been enforcing naps in her crate—originally just when she seemed to get too rambunctious/cranky (so maybe every two hours or so). Then, when I heard her wake up/cry I'd let her out. Rinse. Repeat.

This week, I started trying to get on an actual schedule with one hour out of the crate and then a two-hour nap (read advice to do that). It's been GREAT. I feel like I've got a little bit more of my life back in control. But, now she suddenly won't get in her crate anymore. She ignores the command and tries to jump out … she never used to do that. I'm scared maybe I'm forcing her to sleep too much now?

With that schedule, she is getting 19 hours of sleep (including through the night) and 5 hours of awake time.

I asked the vet and he said I should just let her sleep when she wants… but then she'd never sleep!

Anybody else struggle with similar questions?

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