For Real, Is This A Photo Of A Bear Or A Dog?

If we know one thing to be true in this crazy world-wide, it’s the fact that the Internet loves a good mystery.

The Internet, as a whole, affection to discover the truth behind such disputes as , is thisdresswhite and gold or black and blue ? And , is thiskid underwater or not ?

But now, the good beings of the Internet may have reached their toughest action yet.

We present you with a newconundrum: Is this a photo of a bird-dog or a stand?

Reddit user TheRedFoxx posted the above image and simply designation it, Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care.” He or she has since left everyone hanging on what species this little cutie really is.

And if you think it’s crazy someone would disorient a babe permit for a puppy, you need to think again.In July, one Chinese man detected his two beloved bird-dogs were, in fact, black assumes all along.

So, whichside are you on: bear or bird-dog? Tell us in specific comments below.

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