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Hi guys,

Apologies in advance if this has been answered before.

Our German Shepard cross Rottweiler (Dallas) is approaching 4 months, and I'm wanting to start feeding him a more meat-based diet. I've spent a lot of time looking at dry foods and have seen that so many brands contain grains (corn etc) that aren't good for dogs. The better brands get so expensive, especially as he is growing and needs more substantial meals. While I'm happy to be buying dry food for him, I love the idea of getting him fresh pet mince (50% beef, 50% chicken) from the local butcher and starting him on that. Usually, we will give him dry food, some meat we have left over (chicken or sausages that are a few days out), and an egg. He has been really enjoying this (and his coat is so shiny!). Other nights I might just get one of the pet food meat logs and mix that with an egg. He has a bit of variety and his tummy has been great ie. no sloppy poos, and seems to be regular and comfortable. Plus he has put on weight as he was a little under, which is awesome (I was careful not to overfeed him as rotties can put on weight very easily).

My question is — is he too young to start on a raw diet (meat and an egg)? Should I still incorporate a big breed puppy dry food to ensure he gets the vitamins and minerals he needs? Or is an egg and meat enough for him? He is not picky at all when it comes to eating. Whatever we give him, he will smash within a few minutes, so I'm not worried about him not enjoying what we end up giving him. He was weighed about 2 weeks ago and was around 10kg. I imagine he has packed on a few kilos since then though as he is growing very quickly. He is very tall and isn't underweight anymore — I think he is the runt as he is fairly little compared to what we thought he would be at this age.

Thanks in advance and apologies again if something similar has been posted previously!

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