[FLUFF] Some times my dog amazes me with how smart she can be

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For some time now, I’ve noticed my dog learns by observation. She would watch you do something, and repeat it herself. I would pour her water and, since I’m very bad at hydrating myself, I would drink a bottle of my own. She would drink from the stream but not the bowl. A couple of days later she started drinking from the bottle and not her bowl. Like full on refused to drink from the bowl. I, like many others, have lost bathroom privacy privileges. She would usually inspect the toilet before a sit and while I sit and then after. At some point she would pee right next to me near a drain or in the shower. Today she started sniffing my stream of urine and then started whining. I finished got up and was about to go check on her since she’s in heat and gets upset when she pees indoors. As soon as I got up, she walked in got as close as she thought she should be, lifted a leg and peed. She missed but still. Gave her praises and instead of her ears being set back they popped up! I really wish I had a high value treat in hand. You guys she came to the conclusion of peeing in a toilet. It took her 9 months to go from peeing room to peeing spot but she did it!

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