First time owner with a 6-month-old Shepherd mix

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I recently adopted a new shelter dog who's a 6month old Shepherd mix (pic here) and for the first five days, he was absolutely an angel in heaven. He would come and play nice, he would pee outside, he wouldn't bark or growl at practically anything (including other dogs). This all changed yesterday.

It started with him getting into a bed of flowers and digging everything up. This wasn't a big deal and I cleaned up the mess and played with him a bit more. I had to go out yesterday and decided to big him up some new treats and a "pup box" (basically came with a toy, some treats, just a few goodies). I decided to give him a new treat which was the SmartBone treat and found that when I reached for it, he not only growled at me but tried to bite my hand. I figured that this was resource guarding and we could fix that with some training. After all I'm their new owner and they could still be getting used to me.

Later that night after we went on our walk, I decided that I was going to have him try to spend the night in his crate in my room (we're house training him still). I fear he has seperation anxiety because the moment I put him outside to play or he gets in his crate, he whines. Tonight though, he started barking. I couldn't have him barking so I let him out. This went on for probably 45 minutes until he freaked out and just ran away from me, out of my room, down the hallways an into the backdoor.

I was hoping that when I woke up, today he would calm down but when I let him out to play, he knocked over a fern and potting soil went everywhere. I didn't punish him and just diverted his attention away from it.

I honestly feel as though I've already failed. I understand everything takes time but I just wonder if I'm going to be able to adequately train him and calm him down a bit more. I haven't yelled at him and I've been training him with positive reinforcement but I wonder if he just views me as a treat machine. Sorry for the vent but I'm assuming this is what every new dog owner goes through the first couple of weeks.

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