First time dog owner, first time foster. Is this normal? Where do I start?

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Hi there!

I have been surrounded by animals my entire life, but I have never owned a dog as an adult. Myself, my partner, my cat and I decided to foster.

Long story short, I didn't know what dog I was getting, basically showed up and this is what I got.

Exhilia, 4 months old beleived to be a boxer/australian shepard mix. From what I was told, she was found on a reservation in Alabama with her siblings as strays. They were covered in ticks, fleas and scabs. She was bussed up to us over a two day drive, when I received her she hadn't eaten since the day before. She has been fixed and vaccinated.

Day 1: I renamed her Meeko. She doesnt seem to know how to use stairs, or doesn't like to. She is scared of mirrors, the Tv, the elevator, doors, especially the TV. She explored our apartment, and seemed to love our cat, she wanted to play very badly.

I gave her a pillow, blankets and toys for her crate which we placed in the bathroom connected to our bedroom. We placed puppy pads down and a baby gate to keep her in during the night.

Day 2: Exhilia has diarrhea. We were provided with Diamond brand food for puppies and expecting mothers. The bag recommends 3 cups a day. She is eating and drinking like normal. I have taken her out once an hour to try and get her to potty. It's been hit or miss, in the apartment she has used the puppy pads, and if we catch her sniffing we run her out. She slept most of the day, and discovered she can fit under the bed. In an effort to make her more comfortable and to puppy proof the area, we closed off one side, and created a small under the bed cave for her.

Day 3: Our first days back at work. My partner brought her out to potty on lunch, she hadn't relieved herself at all while we were away. When he brought her out, he said she seemed happy to see him. She did #2 but not #1. We have taken away her food while we are gone, but leave the water in case she is dehydrated from the diarrhea.

At this time my main concern is potty training her. Should this be my main focus or can we try to work on commands?

She still seems very overwhelmed, for a puppy she rarely wants to play. She is getting better about using doors and the elevator (as I think she is realizing that is how she gets outside). I am not sure she knows her name yet, and while she does walk on a leash, she doesn't seem to realize she is on one because she is always under my feet and wrapping herself around things.

She also doesn't like to go outside, I have to pick her up in order to put the leash on and get her to leave our unit.

I would love some input, what am I doing wrong, what am I doing right?

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