First puppy – quite lost at what to do

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My boyfriend and I adopted an 8 weeks old yorkie last week (9 weeks now) and he’s really really small. We were both super excited and for the first three nights or so, we made him a small bed next to ours so he would sleep there as we didn’t have a crate yet. It worked well and we never had problems.

Upon my friend’s recommendation, we got a small play pen with a pee pad, his bed, his food and chew toys and bones. We initially simply put him in at night and then after crying for 15-30 mins, he’d be fine until the next morning when I’d open the gate after waking up. I realized that maybe I made a mistake because I didn’t wait until he’d stop making any noise before opening the gate. Also, for the past two days, I’d sit down with him after opening it because he would keep whining. This morning, not only was he whining and barking in his crate, he was also shivering, so I’m not sure if it’s because he was cold (we’re going to try rising the temperature of the living room tonight) or because he was scared (apparently bird noises kept him up).

Now I read up a bunch of posts and saw that we should put him in for two hours, after one hour of being up. So we’ll start doing this from now on and hopefully it’ll help, but other than that, is there anything else I should do/something I’m doing wrong?

Also, should I take him on walks? We decided we wanted him to learn to go on pee pads and for the moment it’s working 90% of the time. We put a lot of them around the apartment and plan on reducing that amount gradually to the one in his pen. We read and were told by the breeders not to bring him on walks because of the weather and because he’s so small. We have however done it once or twice in a place where few dogs have been since he’s only had the first round of vaccines (in a huge parking lot at night when there are no cars) and it made him so happy. However, we stopped because we kept reading we shouldn’t do it, but then he’s having such terrible night I’m not sure if we should just disregard that information and actually take him on walks before bed time and in the morning so he can use up his energy?? Mind you it’s about 0 degrees celcius right now so I’m really not sure if it’s okay or too cold for him…

I’m sorry for this post being all over the place, I’m just really worried about being a bad dog parent.

EDIT: he’s also always bites. Like, we can’t play with him for more than 2 minutes before he starts chewing on our fingers, arm or ankles. We know he’s teething and we bought him so many small bones since he really doesn’t care for toys. Everytime he starts biting or munching on our hand, we say “ouch”, direct him to the bones and stop paying attention to him, but he charges again. Is that ever going to stop or is there a way to stop this??

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