First night with my first dog ever. (10 week old Husky-Poodle mix) Please, any advice is welcome.

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Today I brought home my first dog ever and boy it’s even more tiring than I expected. She already had two accidents but they were all the way my fault, I fed her and took her out too soon before her food settled and she was ready to go.

The main issues I’ve had with her is she absolutely despises her crate. I tried everything and spent an hour trying to lure her in there with food and everything I could think of, going slow and not closing the door, all of that. But she won’t go near the damn thing and trying to get her in freaked her out. I finally got her to calm down and sleep on my floor by my bed just a few minutes ago.

The other issue i’m having with her is she doesn’t seem to be interested in any toys or food i present her. (she did eat a dinner very well though) the only other thing i could lure her with was tiny bits of baby bell cheese which she shouldn’t eat anyway.

Well, if you guys have any advice at all please let me know. I’m going to get a much needed 1.5 hours of sleep before she’ll probably need to be taken out again. thanks!

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