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I adopted a Spaniel/Lab mix about two months ago, and struggled a bit in the beggining, especially when my vacation time was over and had to leave her home alone.

Potty training still needs work (won't poo, but pees inside), and even while crating, when I get home she just pees herself fro excitment from me being home. Also she pees immediately after stepping out of her crate, which is really annoying.

Anyway, I have managed to teach her to sit fairly frequently (only exceptions are when she is too excited or surrounded by people or other dogs, she just ignores me unless I stand my ground with her on a leash).

Today I started to teach her to fetch, and just wanted to share a bit of the endeavour. She's 14 weeks old and her name is Peggy.

She will sit on my command before I throw the ball, will chase it and grab and then proceed to strut past me, ball in mouth, staring at me, like Luigi in Mario Kart. I haven't noticed any protective behaviour towards the ball, she lets me grab it from her just fine, with no fuss, I just have a problem getting her to bring the ball back to me. Any tips?

Puppy tax number 1! Puppy tax number 2!

Bonus video of sit command.

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