Find Out Which Drugs Aaron Carter Is REALLY On!

Rumors have twirled about

But Aaron wanted to set the record straight on what medications he does and doesn’t expend, so he agreed to a full body for his honest illusion on The Doctors.

So what is he certainly taking? Here’s the entire makes:

Cocaine – Negative

Methamphetamine – Negative

Marijuana – Positive

Benzodiazepine – Positive

Xanax – Positive

Opiates – Positive

Hydrocodone – Positive

While it’s clear rumours of his illicit drug use, particularly coke and meth, are unfounded, physician host Travis Lane Stork tells Aaron he’s feared about the mixture Aaron is taking 😛 TAGEND

“What scares me about that pharmaceutical board is your sister perished from an overdose and you’ve got a mixture of Benzodiazepines with opiates, which is how many beings accidentally can die.”

See how Aaron reacts to the professional opinion( below )!

[ Image via The Doctors/ YouTube .]

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