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I have a 10 week old black mouth cur pup who just got his first vaccination series and hasn’t been allowed into our communal green space because there are other dogs and animals that play in there (and they’re of dubious ownership). I have been keeping him entertained in my apartment by letting him run around my kitchen which is fairly large (it’s an eat in with no table or chair set and basically the size of a master bedroom in like an average non-NYC non-LA Apartment without furniture). He has lots of toys and we play tug and fetch and all that and he seemed to get in lots of exercise for his little puppy legs. Even so, he tends to get over tired and grumpy even with naps and historically wouldn’t settle easily until I let him lay in my lap and then he was out like a light. Because of that I assumed he was running enough.

He’s doing so well in his potty training and recall that I feel good letting him into the carpeted areas so today he got some extra play time chasing his fuzzy duck across the length of the apartment. I let him do that for a while and eventually he started slowing down, so I assumed he wanted to get a drink and pee and we’d get back to it. I answered a text, looked down, and he had crawled into his crate and passed right out. I had to take his harness off and handling him felt like handling a bag of water. I have seen him sleep deeply and well but never just sack out instantaneously like that.

I’ve been walking around making normal house noise and he’s still snoring. It’s wonderful.

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