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Y’ALL I’M SO PROUD OF MY LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!! I posted here about two weeks ago lamenting over the potty training regression when I moved from our old apartment (aka his first home away from mom) to my new one. Potty messes, galore, scheduling fail, endless crying in the shower about being so totally alone in this. Lots, and I mean lots, of enforced naptimes (one of the strictest schedules I had, lol) and wine in the bathtub.

BUT FINALLY! FINALLY! We’ve got it down! The schedule is actually starting to work the way I need it to- pottys on morning walks before I go to work, AFTER breakfast, and holding it while I’m at work, even during free roam! (I’m trying to devise some sort of potty pad cover so he doesn’t have to hold it during my longer shifts, but he won’t be able to eat the potty pads. He’s getting to be a big boy, though, 25lbs at 4 months!)

He’s been an absolute dream again- just like he was back at our old apartment. I can tell he’s happier too since I’m giving off good vibes lol. We’ve had more time to focus on fun trick training (right now we’re practicing treat catching and fetch), leash training, and long lead recall training, too, and I can see him flourishing with all of this positive training, instead of the constant, focused, short, 10 min. potty walks.

I’ve been soooo relieved too. It was such a huge stressor to constantly come home to a puppy who clearly had to potty, but would in the house or in the hall before we got to get outside, or to a messy balcony because he stepped in his poop or pee and dragged it into the house. Or dirt and grass from the sod he dug/ate up and having to dust.

I can finally trust him in the house free roam, so he’s less frustrated during the long shifts (I have the IQ ball, himalayan chews, bully sticks, balls, ropes, and puzzle games to keep him busy!), and I’m less exhausted with 2+ hours of clean up when I get home.

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