Few questions – first time owner with a puppy this young.

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Here`s another great article:

Just want to preface by saying – holy crap there is a ton of good info in the wiki section. Just breezed through it all and I got a lot to work on training wise (luckily minimal damage done since we only had him for 5 days now).

My Situation

My wife and I are both past dog owners. However we never had a dog this young (8 weeks). We live in an apartment building so potty means going outside which is a minimum of 45s from our front door to the exit of the building to the nearby patch of grass. Puppy is only 8 weeks old and was raised on a farm where I believe he had free range in an enclosed space with other dogs. There are no other living bodies at home other than my wife and our dog. Both of us work and while I am working half days this week starting the next week we will both be away for 8+ hours. I can arrange to come home during lunch break to make him pee – I'm guessing I should do this?

When I try to walk him

I'm aware him not being fully vaccinated the recommendations is not to walk him but if we don't that means he gets no outdoor time other than potty. With no yard we have to walk him to the patch of grass outside the building door. I've tried to walk him in a loop nearby our building but he refuses to walk unless it's in the direction of home. Should I just stop and resume when he's fully vaccinated (with the hope he wants to walk then)? Is the lack of being outdoors okay?


To protect the furniture, we crate him when we are away/asleep. He whines in his crate at night until he passes out. I'm assuming this is normal, and will try to lure him in so he is happy there as per the article suggestions. However the crate is large enough for 2 puppies his size to turn around in. Should I place a divider knowing there is a high chance of him urinating/pooping in there?

Key marker word

I'll begin using a sharp key word as a marker per the wiki – however should I begin this before, after, or simultaneously while he learns his name? He still doesn't even know his name and I feel that is the first step – am I wrong?

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