Few questions about GSD puppy and her eating

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Hello everyone, hope you're all safe and indoors!

We have a lovely little GSD and she's 7 months old. Earlier on, she was a fast eater and would seemingly inhale her food.

However, from around when she turned 4 1/2 months old, she's become a very picky and slow eater. Her appetite seems to be swinging wildly, day by day. Some days we really have to coax her to even finish half of a meal.

Some of the things we've tried:

Using yoghurt (or other tasty food) to entice her – works sometimes but others she just ignores it.

Changing the brand of puppy food – currently on Orijen Large Breed Puppy food.

Hand feeding kibble or changing the bowl – not working.

Artificially inducing appetite through medication like Cypon syrup – it works at times but I don't think its a good practice over a long period of time.

Apart from this, there's nothing else wrong with her. She's energetic and active, happy to go on walks and play indoors. Pee and pooping are all fine. She does tend to sleep quite a bit during the day but I think that's just a growing puppy thing?

Currently we're feeding her thrice a day and planning to drop that to twice a day from today onwards. Her last deworming was a week ago and it barely helped. She is not spayed yet.

Any help into this would be great, I'm concerned about her getting enough nutrition to grow. Thank you in advance.

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