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Hi guys

Ive asked this before a little while ago but it seems that we cant figure out aby way of preventing it.

Our 6 month cavapoochon is brilliant in almost every way now. We've got everything pretty much nailed down apart from one. She simply will not behave in the garden. Once she's in the garden she is chewing fence panels and will only stop when you walk up to her, then will proceed to do zoomies to another part of the fence to chew, as though its a game.

We've tried almost everything to stop it now. Distraction doesnt work, recall is non existant, every toy in the house wont do, loud noises work momentarily, if I try and grab her she'll run rings around me, treats will get her away but we don't want to reward the chewing so we're at a loss.

Reddit, please help me.

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