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6 weeks with our sweet 14 week old pup and today was one of the worst we’ve had in a while. He sleeps great, is wicked smart and usually such a sweet cuddle bug. The potty training however. Oh the potty training. When we are on a strict schedule he does ok, still have yet to have an accident free day but good days it’s only one or two. On “off”’days or rainy days, that all goes out the window. He will come in from a long walk where he just peed and proceed to pee again right in front of you. Sometimes he’ll pee 4 times in an hour when he’s in “puppy” mode. He sleeps through the night in his crate and never pees on the couch when he’s hanging out with us or napping so we know he can hold it. The problem is is he is water obsessed and when it rains, he is licking all the water he can get on the grass which spirals his pee schedule. We had tests done at the vet, his bloodwork came back fine. His urine concentration was a bit low but vet thinks it’s because he’s a puppy and it was mid-day. Having his morning urine tested but she wasn’t terribly concerned. Should he be understanding that it’s not OK to pee inside at this point? I feel like I’m failing him, either missing cues or failing to establish myself as the one in charge. We’ve tried positive reinforcement, time outs, ignoring, practically living outside, nothing seems to be sticking. Any advice or success stories welcome. Tomorrow’s another day, just hopefully with less accidents.

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