Feeling defeated over bad hiking trip with 9 month old rescue.

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We have a 9 month old mixed breed (looks like a black lab) rescue that we have had since he was 8 weeks old. I feel like we've been doing a good job training and socializing him UNTIL today.

We walk him 2-4 times per day the days that he is not at daycare. He goes to daycare 2x per week and is a model student and LOVES it. On the non-daycare days, we have a neighbor dog over to play for at least an hour.

We train him daily – when we walk, we train. He is sooo smart and pretty darn obedient for a 9 month old. He has regressed a little on the leash lately and we've cracked down on the training and things have gotten better (pulling, barking at people, etc).

So today, I took our kids and the dog up to a state park to do some hiking. Our neighbor went with her kids and their dog. It was a DISASTER. My dog was a complete psycho – I've never seen him like this! Pulling SO hard on the leash the entire time. Barking/growling at every person or dog that passed us….trying to lunge at everyone.

I had treats, I was trying to stay calm (didn't work) and get him to focus on me but it just was a fail. I kept having him sit…but it was like he was having an anxiety attack or something from the very beginning. The barking/growling is what worries me. He's the friendliest dog and loves people and other dogs…so I can't figure out what happened today.

I am obviously VERY hesitant to take him anywhere now. It was obvious that I couldn't control him. I feel so defeated and not sure what to do. He has never acted like this – EVER. He's a sweetheart and we adore him but I'm very worried that I'm in over my head.

Does anyone have any advice?

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