Feel like I’m failing her

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I know every pup and owner etc is different but I was just wondering where every it at with training etc at what stages and how much training they do??

So, my pup is 3 and a bit months months, we’ve had her 5/6 weeks, I’ve lost count and I honestly feel like I’ve failed her with training, that probably sounds silly as it’s still early days I guess . We have sleep schedule pretty good, as long as she has a walk about 8pm. She’s in bed from 9.30pm-6ish. Which is good I think. But that’s about as much that is good. She’s 80/90% potty trained unless it’s raining in which case she’ll refuses to go out. Recall is really not great but she stays fairly close on walks and comes back if she’s offlead. She knows sit. She will sit and wait for her food for example and I tell her to wait which she does. Aside from that She doesn’t know much else, despite us going to training classes each week (see why I say I’m failing her I know I should commit more time to training but honestly I’m exhausted). She CANNOT be left alone which is really hard-I would love to leave her just an hour a day but i would get evicted because she is so loud and you can hear her all the way down the street . She’s very vocal even though her breed is supposed to be quiet when she’s not getting her own way. I do enforced naps but there is no way she sleeps 18 hours a day (she does 9 at night but definitely not 9 hours during the day). Sometimes I think she’s just a sweet baby she’ll learn and other times I think she’s a nightmare dog because of my clearly terrible dog parenting.

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