Fearful Puppy

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Background: I have a German Shepherd/Border Collie Mix (some people are demanding that she is actually a German Shepherd/Aussie Mix if that matters). She is about 14/15 weeks old.

I have attempted to take her to puppy playtime with puppies that have been vaccinated but no other dogs are showing up and she hasn't been able to get the socialization she has needed. She's met my families dog (a grumpy 17 year old) and lived with him for a day with no big issue. She's also met 4 other dogs on walks, all different breeds. The problem is, I cant take her into the dog park because of her vaccines but most of the neighborhood dogs are NOT friendly and will bark and lunge at her. She's pretty terrified of other dogs now and screams and tries to hide when one approaches.

I'm going to schedule a different dog group today but did I miss the window to socialize her?

I plan on getting a second dog in the (distant) future so I really want her to like other dogs.

There is a dog park near my house but she can't go in it, I let her sit outside of it (and carried her around the heavily trafficked parts so she wouldnt interact with poop of pee) so she could watch non aggressive dogs, is this a viable method? Until I can get her to puppy classes with actually attendees? Thanks.

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