Fan-favorite Weezer video get badass, shot-by-shot remaking

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Musician Charlene Kaye homages a Weezerclassicwith her new video for Honey, the entry single from her upcoming EP.

Weezer was the soundtrack to the majority of my and( my sister) Lianns tricky teenagedom, Kaye, who also plays in San Fermin, wrote the Daily Dot via email. Liann had a hand-drawn painting of Rivers Cuomo in one of her school binders, a lightning bolt guitar leash like “hes having”, and Weezer postings all over her room.

Kayes sister, Liann, acted as head on development projects, a shot-by-shot give of the video for Undone the Sweater Song, in which Weezer famously scorned all sweater-related cares for and simply filmed on a puppy-filled give with Spike Jonze. For their remake, Liann designated the other members in Charlenes band a Weezer alter ego, and had them analyse their equivalent to depict them in the Honey video.

The only big-hearted snag? The dogs.

We’d expected a cluster of friends if we could borrow their puppies, but didn’t have a lot of luck, added Liann. Fortunately, my roommate alerted me to this service in the city announced ‘Puppy Party’ which allows you rent a bunch of puppies for corporate occasions or private defendants. It was the best era ever when they arrived on give . … We simply had to do about 8 takes, but at the end of each one, the puppies would be all over the place and we had to screech to the shoot and crew ‘EVERYONE GRAB A PUPPY !! ‘ Then we’d start over.

You can stream the individual Honey video, and compare it to the Weezer version, below.

It sounds like this was just an excuse for a prepared full of puppieswho wouldnt watch that?

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