Family feud because of my puppy – my dad is making cruel jokes.

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I know my dad is not an abusive person and would never hit a dog, but he sometimes talks without thinking and jokingly tells my 6.5 mo old puppy that if he doesn't behave, he'll have to throw him away, hit him or kick him. He has said all this but has not done any of this (I know so because I'm with my puppy 24/7 since I work from home), so I know he wouldn't do these things. But it still really gets on my nerves and I've asked him to stop joking around like that. But today I had enough and said "if you do anything to my puppy I will call the cops on you". This obviously pissed my parents off because they say my dad is joking but I just don't understand why it's even OK to say these things in first place. My mom says it's because of my dad is old but who cares?

My 6.5 mo old and 6 lb pomeranian puppy is mostly well-behaved but just has fits because he's becoming an adolescent soon. My dad doesn't care for him at all and has never helped in training but he talks like my puppy is the worst behaved dog on the planet. I don't understand why he even thinks he has any rights to talk about my puppy in this manner. I hope I'm not overreacting.

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