Family dog attacks me seemingly unprovoked

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Hello! I'm hoping someone can help give me some advice or insight into my problem. I live with my boyfriend and his family (his dad, aunt and their cousin), the cousin has a yorkie mix(I think it looks more like a silky terrier) who is about 10 lbs, recently been neutered, and up until this past week I have gotten along with tremendously. He use to bring me his toy to play fetch with him, he would bark at me for attention, let me pick him, give me kisses, and within the last three weeks I started taking him on walks with me and my dog. I got along with him so well that cousin asked if I'd watch over him when she was out of town last week which is when the issues started. I let him out of her room when I got home and took him outside and when he ran inside his room I went in after him to give him some extra attention and I realized she had put his cage out for him (which I felt off about since I know dogs can act territorial towards being in a cage) I walked towards him low to the ground speaking softly to him and without any warning or bark he jumps up and lunges at me grabbing ahold of my leg, he left a puncture and tore other skin below the puncture, and then continued to lunge as I was screaming backing up out of the room. Even after he did this, I was still able to get him on a leash and take him on a walk later on and he was back to being friendly so I just decided not to go directly into his room with him also in there and also removed the cage. 2 days later, I was walking from my room to kitchen (crossing through the front room) and he comes charging after me in complete attack mode again out of nowhere, my boyfriend was close by this time and scared him off before he could bite me again. The very next day he was sitting at the backdoor waiting for his owner to come back inside when I opened my door and started walking passed him, at this point im pretty scared of him so I'm sure that was obvious to him with my body language, and of course, he goes after me again so I step up onto the couch and he is jumping up trying to still get to me until his owner comes in and grabs him. I avoided being around him and she kept him in her room mostly until this morning I was leaving for work and he was outside of her room in the hall so I have to pass him to get to the front door so I decide to stare directly ahead, and try to walk with confidence as if I don't notice him to try to not provoke him and again he is after me and grabs onto my pant leg going completely insane. I would really love some type of advice with dealing with him, I'm honestly pretty scared of him now, which is sad because I've worked with dogs for 3 years and have never encountered a dog like him that targeted me so I feel very uncertain of what to do or what is causing him to act this way. I've never hurt him, talked down to him, or treated him ugly in anyway so I don't understand why he has completely turned on me. If anyone has any insight I would really appreciate it.

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