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I’m beyond frustrated, on the verge of crying for the 14th time this week because no one in my family believes I need help and that I should ask if I do need help.

My lab pup is almost 10weeks and has become a complete terror, I can barely get 5 minutes away from her and next week I have to go back to work. I’ve asked mum to help me out with her while I work as she’s staying at home still.

She’s pushed onto me my entire life that she shouldn’t have to ask for help but expects me to help out. Now I turned it on her earlier this afternoon after I lost it with my puppy and shut her in her crate as she bit me over the toys I put in her mouth for the 100th time and I snapped. “I don’t know to help you if you don’t ask!”

But it should be obvious I need help, I’m there saying no and giving enforced naps and all I want is someone to just take her out for a wee so I can get a god damn effing break. Apparently it isn’t obvious that while I’m running around trying to find a pair of shoes my mum insists on putting away everytime even though I’ve begged her to leave me one pair of slip ons out so I can shove them on and go, that I might actually want her or my bf go help me. At. All.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable, she knows when I go back to work she’s going to be left with a puppy, and has no clue how to handle her. She isn’t interested in her schedule, or how much food because “it can’t be that hard”

I know eventually my pup will get better, she’ll not need constant attention or an hour nap and running outside without peeing all over the floor before I can clip the lead onto her neck no matter how earlier I wake her up or run her ragged. She does know to go toilet outside and I give her loads of praise when she does.

But right now I feel like I made the worse mistake that everyone in my family agreed to help me with and wanted.

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