Falls asleep in crate in a couple of minutes for naps, but can’t be in my bathroom on the other side of a baby gate while I stand there.

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Caution: frustration and puppy blues ahead.

Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this issue. Every night and for naps I will lay my eight month old Australian Shepherd down in her crate and she might complain for a minute or two but eventually she falls asleep just fine. That said, I haven’t had time to cook breakfast or shower or anything like that, because if she’s awake at all she loses her mind of a human is not in the same room as her, hell, Even on a different side of a baby gate from her.

My bathroom is a small size just a sink and a toilet and a shower with tile floors, for her size there is plenty of room to romp around and play unsupervised. I take her out, I feed her, I play with her, I take her out again and then I put her in that room with a few chew toys and the moment I step over the baby gate even if I’m standing on the other side she loses her mind. Obviously she still young and nervous of being alone, but it seems like I can’t even train this, it’s frustrating. It just feels like constantly putting her down for naps when I have to do something around the house is unsustainable, no? I work in esports so my days tend to be focused for 2 to 3 hours straight at a time, and any noise gets picked up on my microphone and affects my work. Again, I suppose she can nap during this time, but at some point she needs to be self-sufficient, and it’s frustrating not even having the “15 seconds of calmness before returning“ many Suggest to build up to. Should I leave her with a chew toy slowly walk away shut the door and literally wait for hours 15 seconds of calmness? I’m not sure I can do that.

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