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I'm feeling like I'm failing puppy training. I have a new (first) puppy of 9 (almost) weeks. He is an australian sheperd and he is adorable. He never barks, he learned very quickly to pee on the puppy pads (70% of the time), and he is very friendly. But…

I feel like failing his training. I try to keep calm, but I know sometimes my No and explanation of why he shouldn't pee on the carpet is very harsh. I try to stay positive and play with him A LOT, and I try to exhaust him, because it seems he has unlimited energy (I have to let his energy out also because I cannot work if he try to chew electric cables or the bed and also if he has too much energy, he won't stay in its crate calmly).

I didn't succeed to make its crate comfortable, I bought today other stuff that seems more comfy, but we will see.

He is not interested in treats, and that makes everything harder to teach. He is not particularly engaged in me, and he gets excited only when he can chew on stuff, but he gets bored quickly with his toys.

I sometimes cannot do the training stuff as perfectly as I want, like engaging him in doing basic stuff like sit (he eats his treats only when laid down and don't want to move for anything in the world), or let him feel safe (I don't feel he feels safe around me).

When I praise him, it feels like it doesn't care (it doesn't jump on me as example or ask to be petted). When I praise him I always try to be excited, trying calmly to pet him and doing happy voices, but he prefer to chew stuff and avoid me.

He probably doesn't hate me, but he can stand my presence and probably the major part of the good stuff he learned it's due to the fact that he is very smart.

I know I have had him like for only 5 days, and it takes time to make a connection, but on youtube, after hours of videos of puppy training, I feel like: how they do that? It"s supposed to be that easy?

Because their puppy just stays there, eat the stuff, will do everything to eat treats and you can lure them everywhere. Those puppy are always excited or calm. How do I teach him to stay calm like that?

Do you have any advice to handle this? Maybe I'm just too tired of waking up in the night or playing for 1 hours continuously and everything is normal. I don't know.

Anyway, I'll do my best, hoping I can offer him an happy life, a good training and lots of love.

Edit: (Also, I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety because I'm parenting him, alone, and it's a huge responsibility).

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