Exposure to aggressive dogs

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Hi there, I have a five month old Italian greyhound who I am trying to socialize with other dogs and people. Today when we were coming back from a walk, my neighbor asked to join us on the elevator with his dog.

His dog proceeded to bark, growl, lunge at us, with hackles raised, and actually jumped up into the air to nip at my puppy, who I had picked up into my arms. Think it was a Jack Russel terrier? Anyways he sort of just watched his dog escalate and did nothing to intervene.

My question is, what do I do to help my dog feel more secure after exposure to an aggressive or dangerous dog? She is shy and I am worried that experiences like these will make her more fearful. After getting off, I gave her some high value treats and verbal reassurance but am wondering what could be done in the future. Thanks

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