Exposure therapy?

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I have a one year old corgi, and he is very brave almost always… unfortunately though there are two things that absolutely terrify him: Mario party, and firetrucks.

The fire trucks issue is what really worries me. He listens very well almost all the time, but occasionally he is off leash at the park and suddenly he takes off running, sometimes even across the street. A few moments later I hear that he is running away from a fire truck siren. That’s a pretty serious problem and I have no idea what to do about it!

The MARIO party issue is a really weird one. We were playing it the other day with a few people and he starts trembling and trying to hide between my back and the couch. A few days later I tried playing it without anyone else in the room, just him and I, and he gave the same reaction. Any idea why or what I can do about it?

I was thinking exposure therapy is what he needs but I want to do it right and not make things worse, does anyone have any ideas or tips?

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