Expert Says Dogs Dream About Their Owned And The Whole Internet Is Sobbing

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Do “youve been” wonder what your dog dreams about when “theyre saying” goodnight to him, or her?

I am the proud Mama of two sweet puppies, a little girl and a little son. They are twins.

I know when I tuck my little munchkins in each night YES, I tuck them into their berths because they are endlessly spoiled( as there is a requirement to) and ended divas I wonder what theyre daydream about in all regions of the night.

Do they have visions of an endless supply of Milk Bones?

Does my girlfriend puppy dream about chilling with bae next door? Real talk: The son puppy next door is actually her lover. Theyre exclusive.

Does my son puppy patch what misbehaviour hes going to cause the next day?

What goes through their cute little fronts once they smack the pillows ?!

No joke this is actually how my babe girl sleeps. WHAT IS SHE DREAMING ABOUT THOUGH ?!

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