Expert Reveals That Hounds Know How Much You Cherish Them Due To ‘Bonding Pathway’

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Ive always wondered if my sweetened puppies knew in their cute brains how much I cherish them. For real though #LifeGoals.

Can my puppies appear the cherish when I hug them and snuggle with them?

When I caress them endlessly and tuck them into their berths at night?

When I play with them and take them for saunters around the neighborhood?

When I give them Milk Bones?

When I buy them brand-new dolls and deck them out in the trendiest little sweaters for tumble?

Do my fluffy baby munchkins actually know how much I adore them?

Because its AN ACTUAL INSANE AMOUNT, thats for sure.

Here they are, casually being super swag at life.

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