Exercising 5 month old toy poodle 1hr 20 mins too much?

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I have a 5 month old toy poodle, he's roughly 7 pounds and very high energy. Lately, I have been exercising him roughly an hour in the morning time and then 20 minutes in the evening. This "exercise" is typically a walk through my neighbourhood, letting him sniff and stop as well OR going to a local park and walking. The internet says 5 mins of exercise for every month of age twice a day, so my pup should be getting 25 mins x 2.

He seems to be doing okay, he's happy when he's home and likes to nap for an hour and then up for an hour or two, ect. If I dont exercise him this much I find he gets into things too much, and doesn't want to nap as much either.


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