Excessive barking in the garden

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Hi All

I recently relocated (across continents) with my 7-8 month old dog. We now have a private back garden completely fenced in. My puppy is loving the open running space and grass which makes me very happy, but she has picked up a really bad barking habit. It has been exactly a week since our move and it hasn't eased up. From the moment I open the door and let her out until I can get her back inside she barks. If I stay outside with her she barks probably 70% less, but still does some barking. As soon as I go inside she barks her head off. She also doesn't want to come inside as she enjoys playing in the garden so much and has many toys and a small pool for herself. I am getting very frustrated as this is a new behavior and I have no idea how to curb it. She doesn't respond at all to any commands for her to quiet down while in the garden. I mean it quite literally when I say she just walks around barking, or even lays in the grass or on the patio barking. I walk her 3 times a day so she isn't dealing with boredom and she doesn't have separation anxiety. I also can 't tell what she is barking at most of the time, occasionally she will spot a neighbor or a squirrel (those are brand new to her), but beyond that it seems she is barking at absolutely nothing. Help??


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