Ex-Tiger Beat editor: I watched notoriety take its toll on young David Cassidy

( CNN) For any particular segment of pre-teen and young teen girlfriends In the early 1970 s, David Cassidy was bigger than Elvis and the Beatles, compounded. He was what we called a “number one fave” at Tiger Beat, the teen periodical where I wielded as writer, after David moved from being an up-and-coming young performer to the world’s biggest pop sun, virtually literally overnight.

Nearly a half century earlier, magazines like Tiger Beat were where young girls( and their brethren) went to find out what their “fave”–short for “favorite”–was up to. There was no TMZ , no internet , no YouTube , no podcasts , no photos in your phone.

The overnight success of David Cassidy, who died Tuesday at 67, was created by the same machine that had worked amazes for The Monkees, a made-for-TV strip that had blasted four young, handsome unknowns into the dad stratosphere with a teenage idol trifecta: a weekly prime-time Tv present, a constant overflow of singles and books, and stadium concerts all parts of the world.

David Cassidy on his mom and Alzheimer’s

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