Ex Prison Dog, Very Barky, Has bitten once.

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Hi, Help needed here.

a bit of back story.

We live next door to my girlfriends sister and mum. Her sister got her dog which is an ex prison (where she works) in september. Everything was fine, the dog was little shy at first but quickly came around to me and my girlfriend and the family, he kept humping our dog (shes a bitch) so the descsion was made to get the prison dog (male) the snip. after he had recovered from the snip he started getting barky not aggressively but very loud. A few weeks later His owner was walking him and our dog in the field when they attacked a ferret, which bit and scratched the dog. a few days later we went around to have dinner and there was a lot of shouting between my girlfriend and her mum and sister telling the dog to be quiet, thats when the dog attackled me, i think that i was being quiet in by the door and the dog thought they was shouting at me (I dont blame the dog) from then he started to get really barky at myself and my girlfriend, and this time it was quite aggressive, my girlfriend quickly started taking in toys when she entered the house, giving him treats when he was quiet and even though he still barks he does calm down after a little while. me on the other hand he is still very aggresive towards me. i was taking him for walks by myself, but after he got agrrsive and went for me again i stopped, also i do not go around there as much as my girlfriend.

any suggestions?

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