Everything is suddenly much more interesting than pooping

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So my 4.5 month old collie/retriever is giving me some trouble. Up until now, she's been pooping at least 5 times a day, more or less twice after each meal. Signs that she needs to poo are pretty clear to me: she'll get bitey (but she's not due for a nap), she doesn't sleep for more than an hour before crying to go outside, farting up and down the fields, and pulling specifically towards the only spot in the neighbourhood that she likes to poo at. Now for the past few days she just gets there, gets some poo zoomies on (pretty typical for her), but instead of doing her business she'll just stop, look around, and do anything else instead. She'll start eating some mulch, look at a bird, biting the lead, she even started chewing a piece of rock the other day. I can almost see the instant where she's ready to burst and her attention switches to something else.

She has done her business about twice a day, and it looks normal. She even went indoors (she hadnt done a poo indoors in weeks!), but the world is just too interesting out there.

I have other dogs, so i tried to go to her spot with another dog, as well as just me and her, no difference except she'll try and lunge for the older dogs as an alternative to pooping. Yesterday i tried a long walk on the lead, and on the way back she clearly needed to poo and started making trouble, but held it until i went to her spot.

I thought maybe this is her transitioning to a more 'adult dog' poo schedule, but it's driving me nuts because I've been spending 20 minutes at a time standing around and mentally cursing out every distraction that comes by. I really shouldn't care so much how my puppy poops, she'll go when she needs to, but it annoys me to have to deal with her grumpy and bitey self at home when she needs to go but won't.

Any advice?

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