Every time someone walks by our window are 1 year old goes crazy jumping and barking

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He just ripped a screen which is the first damage this has caused

He is exactly 1 year old australian shepherd, totally sweet and attentive and caring in every other way. If he's playing and a ball goes near the book case or cords or media center he stops and looks at us to get it, he really is just great.

But he is NUTS about the window especially if there's little kids or our neighbors dog walking by, which is multiple times a day.

When the neighbor's dog is in yard and he can see him he barks a lot but if we bring him out so he can watch him from the patio he doesnt bark at all, asks to come back in, and goes back to the window and barking. He's friends with the other dog too it's not like he doesn't like him or anything.

Then while he's barking no treat or command can get him to stop. We try to have cheese handy but with work from home I am working right by the window and cant police every time someone walks by.

He's in the crate now for the latest transgression but that's not our usual treatment. We normally try to distract him with toys or treats and get his attention with some commands and treats.

He's not yet neutered but will be soon but has definitely been getting more stubborn/independent/willful over the past few months so I'm not sure how much is simply due to that and fixing him will help

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