Eurasier x Keeshond possible seperation anxiety need tips

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Currently we have a new puppy 10 weeks old and 2 weeks at our home. He has been making great progress in terms of socialisation / commands / sleeping in crate next to bed. However since day 1 I tried to train being home alone (as in a few seconds in other room) and haven't made any progress that he is being okay to be alone. I tried many things like standing up from couch and sit again (to not trigger his anxiety by just standing up) Opening doors and come back straight in. He just doesn't want to be alone. Even if my dad or mum is in the room next to him but I leave he can even bark. Does anyone have any tips that I could try to make progress in him being home alone. I like to build it up as in seconds / minutes / hours over time.

Currently there is no progress as he can't be alone for just 1 second. Even when we are 5 meters away in the kitchen he will bark / cry from the crate. Out of the crate he will just follow us a lot. We dont react to the barking so he doesn't think he gets attention because of that. I heard with seperation anxiety you kinda want to avoid the panic situation. And build up. But we can't start to build up currently.

Thanks in advance!

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