Erotica author Chuck Tingle steals domain name from conservative sci-fi trolls

When groupings of republican sci-fi trolls tried to use his run as part of an anti-diversity expedition earlier this month, Internet-famous erotic writer Chuck Tingle fought back with some comical trolling of his own. Now Tingle has taken it up a notchhe’s grasped up his enemies’ domain name, and he’s having his waywith it.

Tingle, writer of prurient masterpieces like Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt, was happy to be nominated for a Hugo Award, one of science fiction’s highest honors. But he wasn’t so happy about how he earned the nominationas part of a sabotage programme by the Rabid Puppies, a group of hardcore nerdswho are ferocious that the Hugos are starting to notice and celebrate sci-fi narrations that include women and characters of color.

The Rabid Puppies hoped that by choosing Tingle’s Space Raptor Butt Invasion, we are able to discount the Hugos and see them look like a parody to interlopers. The programme seems to have backfired, though, because Tingle has relentlessly lampooned the Puppy and their figurehead, “Vox Day, ” ever since he was nominated.

And now Tingle has registered and diverted it into his personal sheet for hard buckaroos who know desire is very.

“ometimes devilmen are so busy proposing rascal attempts they forget to REGISTER important website epithets, ” writes Tingle on his new website, relating to some of the things Rabid Puppies detest most.

There’s N.K. Jemisin’s novel The Fifth Season , a fellow Hugo challenger writes to oh my god, a black woman . The conservative sci-fi community’s monocles popped off of their faces in response to the success of Jemisin’s very good book, and its Hugo and Nebula nominations made Vox Day very angry.

They ought to merely change the names of the Nebulas to the Science Fiction Affirmative Action Awards for Women and Minorities Who Don’t Write Good, ” he wrote.

Because the Rabid Puppies share some overlap in is consistent with Gamergateand a common dislike of progressive “Social Justice Warriors“Tingle too exploited to endorse his good friend Zoe Quinn. Although it feels like Gamergate has always prevailed and will never intention, it started in 2014 as an organized great efforts to harass Quinn. She’s now an anti-bullying proponent and continues to be Gamergate’s least favorite person.

So Tingle has trolled the GG-puppy axis by linking to “BEST FRIEND name ofzoe quinn” and her anti-bullying system, Crash Override. Gee, I predict they should have registered that domain name before Tingle did.

The Hugo Awards are scheduled for August 20. Tingle has invited Quinn to attend in his place.

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