Enforced naptime might be the best thing recommended by this sub.

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So I posted a question earlier on nipping, and one of the recommendations were asking if my pup was sleeping enough.

My 15wo pup sleeps 14-16 hours a day average, maybe 13 on a bad day when things are busy in the house. Anytime from 9am-4am was naptime, and he would just sleep on the sofa or on his mat. Sometimes he would be disturbed by the cat, sometimes it was the vacuum cleaner.

Just today I started following the rule of 2 hours of napping for each hour awake, and I actually kept him in a dark room with his bed and made him take his naps in blocks.

What a difference. Got a the elusive baby lamb back when half the times before he was a monster, he nipped much less, and commands like Leave It and Release are complied with much quicker. I wouldn't say it solves a lot of things, but it's taken the edge off most things. Chased the cat less, and play was much gentler too. It was literally like a 50% stats boost on good boy.

What a complete revelation, from letting him nap on his own time on the sofa to forcing him take his naps in blocks. The same amount of time slept, but what a difference in behaviour.

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