Enforced naps … how?!

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So I have been reading up on enforcing naps as my 5 month old puppy doesn’t appear to have an off switch and I wanted to know how is best to do this.

We are currently working from home due to COVID but have purposely set up our home office upstairs where he can’t see us so he doesn’t get used to us being home 24/7 so when we do go back to work he doesn’t get separation anxiety. We have his crate in the kitchen diner area and during the day have the crate door open so he has the run of the kitchen diner and a stair gate to keep him in that room as the rest of the house isn’t puppy proofed so he requires supervision when in other rooms. While we are working upstairs he tends to play around and chew his toys but does nap of his own accord but it’s not for long.

He gets SO hyper that we think he gets over tired and wondered if we should be putting him in his crate with the door shut for an hour when he gets like this to enforce a nap? Or should we just leave him to it in the kitchen to let him decide when he is ready to nap?

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