Enforced nap time?

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My (almost 4 month old) puppy will not sleep anywhere other than my bed and in his crate. He gets tired after 1 – 2 hours of being up playing/eating/etc. But he refuses to lay down and relax if hes not in mine or his bed. He sleeps really well in his kennel and has slept through the night (9 pm- 7 am) pretty much since he came home.

I was unintentionally enforcing naps every 1.5 hours since he came home at 8 weeks because he becomes a nightmare when he gets too tired and my hands could only take so much biting. When I read on this sub that enforced naps were actually a thing that helps some behaviors, I got him on a more regular schedule.

My question is how long did you do enforced naptime (how old was your pup when you stopped)?

Is there any way to help my puppy learn that it's ok to sleep elsewhere?

Any other advice about naps would be helpful also!

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