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Hi guys, I’ve got a question with enforced nap time and schedules. My rough collie Wex (9Wk old male) is currently on a 1 hour up, 2 hour down schedule. He’s usually fine settling down after throwing a tantrum for like five minutes, but the problem is that he sometimes won’t stay down for the two hours. He’ll wake up and start howling and howling. I know he doesn’t need to pee because he goes pee before hand and can hold it up to 3 hours and he has had food and water. He’ll sometimes calm down and chew his bully stick we put in his crate but then he will stop and whine again. For example, we put him down around 2PM and he woke up at like 245.

I can’t tell if it’d be better to keep him in until 4 and be really strict about his nap times and if his body will acclimate to that or if we should just take him out and wait until he’s been awake for another hour and put him down then.

Any advice on this would be super appreciated!

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