Enforced Nap Time?

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So the other day I was going to post about how my puppy loves his crate WAYYYY too much – insofar as going there himself as opposed to chilling with me – and asking how I would be able to make him love chilling with me as much.

Well turns out the post was truly unnecessary: now he HATES his crate and always wants to be outside, running and whatever, even preferring to chill with me than go into his crate. No more automatic going into the crate. I have to literally guide him or nudge him in.

I figured this behaviour change is likely because I’ve been inadvertently overstimulating of late and he’s been barely catching any Zs (averaging 8-12 hours of sleep for the past few days).

All-in-all, how do enforced naps work? Should I have him in the crate for 2 hours and let him out for an hour?

I want to make sure he gets enough sleep because I suspect a lot of his behaviour changes (aggressive nipping, crankiness, constantly yawning and looking around etc.) are because of his lack of sleep. Any inputs?


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