Encouraging potty outside in bad weather

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We're currently in a rain storm, with a pretty high potential for a snowstorm within the next few hours or so. I've got a 9 month Italian Greyhound mix who's been super skittish about going outside in bad weather–rain, wind, and now potentially, snow–basically anything that isn't cloudy or clear skies. Every time I take her out in bad weather and put her on the grass and stand out with her, she'll make a beeline to the door.

I'm going to leave training pads in the home just in case because I don't want her to have to hold it for so long. My goal is to have her going outside, and I want to try and avoid litter box training unless if it seems like it's my only solution. Any thoughts on how I can encourage her to stay outside and do her business there instead?

EDIT: I should mention I bought her a thick jacket in preparation for this thankfully, but it's still not helping her encourage to go potty outside.

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