Emma Watson’s Dream House Guest Is, Duh, Michelle Obama

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This video has all the things we desire: Emma Watson, cute boys, a Michelle Obama shoutout, Harry Potter goodies. Seriously, the only circumstance that could make this better is if the former first lady herself seemed carrying a basket full of deplorables puppies.

Ahead of the handout of Disneys highly anticipated live-action remake of Beauty and the Best, Watson sat down to answer some questions from her adoring public, aka children under the age of 10.

With the help of Entertainment Weekly , the actress fielded a bevy of questions from juveniles wondering about everything from Belle and Hermione to Darth Vader, but there was one that particularly warmed our hearts.

When two 20 -month-olds reputation Riley and Addison( thanks to some helpful child to adult rendition) questioned Watson if she could have any guest over to her mansion, the actress had the perfect response.

Michelle Obama, she reacted. Just for a quick schmooze you are familiar with. Just for a speedy pep talk. That would be great.

Same, Emma. Same.

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